This is the classic motif of Lord Venkateswara which shows lord garuda and lord hanuman worshiping the naamam
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The Fine Print......

W H Y ? ?

This site was conceptualised on one my numerous visits to the temple shrine.There was so much information available about the place , but somehow I felt that it lacked a practical angle,Hence this effort.
Every visit to the shrine left us ,wiser about some thing or the other.For instance,there is a facility for the aged and the handicapped pilgrims who are not made to wait in the long queues but are allowed entry from the MAHADWRAM along with an escort and led straight to the Lord.I came to know of this facility,when a sudden illness left my father handicapped.The T.T.D staff known for their rudeness to the common pilgrim were most courteous when allowing aged and handicapped pilgrims to the sancto sanctorum.

H O W ? ?

The Credit for the content goes totally to my father who has a voluminous ancient scrapbook of newspaper and magazine cuttings. This site is non browser specific and pages, Ascii art have been designed using Microsoft(R) Notepad.

W H A T ? ?

The next step in this effort will be to provide a improved version of this site.I want to make this site as aesthetically pleasing as possible.I welcome rants from one and all about any short coming this place might have. This is my single handed effort and through out its creation,I was the my only critic and So its up to all you good people out there to test this attempt.Please Help to make this place a nice tribute to the Lord.

W H E N ? ?

This site began life as in April 2000.With the untimely demise of as a dot-com debacle,I shifted my site on have finally managed to launch a full fledged top level domain as thank all those users who visited my site and provide with valuable suggestions and criticisms.

W H O ? ?

Hi,I am Vasant Rajaram. An ardent devotee of Lord Venkateswara, I want that all devotees of lord be benefited from these informations and make their pilgrimage to tirumala an enthralling experience. Currently located in India, I graduated from the university of Jabalpur,Madhya Pradesh in the year 1995.

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