This is the classic motif of Lord Venkateswara which shows lord garuda and lord hanuman worshiping the naamam
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This site is humble attempt at providing information about Tirupati.However hard I might have tried ,I know that errors have a tendency to creep up and show up at the most obvious places.Please feel free to point out goof ups and any comments you feel about this site.

This website is *NOT* an official website of Tirumala Tirupati Devathanam(TTD).

This website is dedicated towards providing the Devotees and Pilgrims with useful information about Tirumala Tirupati. All monies required for running this project are my personal funds.No income is generated out this website by means of advertising or any other commercial activities.

Surprisingly many devotess fail to understand this and send me requests for TTD calendars, Seva and accomodation Bookings.

All requests for Accomodation/Darshan,complaints should be directed at the official site

All information regarding travel and pilgrimage is already mentioned in the website.

Information in the calendar and TTD offices section is outdated.I got this information from an old TTD diary. If you have updated information , please let me know.

If you have specific suggestion to improve this site, help or criticism , please feel to use the link below to contact me.

Thank you, and May Lord Balaji provide with what you are looking for.

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