This is the classic motif of Lord Venkateswara which shows lord garuda and lord hanuman worshiping the naamam
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Sri Prasanna Venkatesaya :

Sri Vikanasa Gurave :

This is the Image of the mail deity at Gunaseelam

Of the Vishnu Temples, Gunaseelam stands out as the first and foremost among the Abhimana Sthalams, just like Srirangam being the prime among the 108 Divya Desas. The deity of Thirumalai Thirupathi, Sri Thiru Venkatamudaiyan, sung by many a saintly poet, called Alwars, and even by Elango Adigal in his Silappadikaram, appeared as fruit for the ardent prayer of Maharishi Gunaseelar in this small village, situated on the outskirts of Tiruchirapalli.

The village itself attained the name of Gunaseelam after the Maharishi. Gunaseelam is also called the South Tirupathi, and devotees submit their offereings as part of their prarthanas made to Lord Srinivasa, the Lord of Seven Hills at Gunaseelam Lord's altar. The sceptre that the Lord holds in his right hand is the instrument with which he cures the mental and physical afflictions of the ailing and alleviates the distressed from their sufferings.

The existing temple for Sri Prasanna Venkatachalapathy at Gunaseelam was constructed as a small one by a Chola King, Gnana Verma, as desired by the God. The God also desired and expressed to the Chola King that He will have his temple constructed in a grand and big manner in Kali Yuga after 5000 years, with the offerings of the common devotees.

Now, the time has come to contribute your mite, and fulfill the God's desire. The Renovation of the Temple is estimated in a grand scale, costing US $ 460,000 (approx. equivalent of India Rupees 2,20,00,000). The Samprokshanam is planned to be held some time in August 2002. The renovation work has already been taken up, and 70 per cent work in the sanctom sactorium is over. The collections have been achieved upto 30 per cent and to complete the work as scheduled we seek your participation in a big way.

We have attached herewith the appeal by the Renovation Committee and Estimate for individual works to be taken up.

Estimate of renovation at Gunaseelam

You will be contributing to the renovation and Samprokshnam of a Temple that is not only number one as an Abhimana Sthalam, but also a vibrant one brimming with activities to this day. Every year, the God conducts Himself to a big festival--the Bramhotsavam, equal in grandeur to the one held in Tirumalai Thirupathi, spread over ten days, in addition, Pavithrotsavam, Teppotsavam, etc. During the Bramhotsavam, on the Car festival day, devotees perform angapratakshinam, following the moving car on a rough road. A 24-hour Akanda Vishnu Sahasra Nama Parayanam is also performed by hundreds of devotees on the first Saturday of Purattasi. Laksharchanai for seven days starting from the first day of Dakshinayanam, 1008 kalasa Ksheera (milk) abhishekam, etc. are also conducted from time to time by the active involvement of the thronging devotees. The Divya Mangala Vigraha of the Lord is presented before your eyes in the attached picture files.

We appeal to you to go through the appeals and estimate attached herewith and also request you to either take up individually works detailed in the estimate, or contribute liberally towards fulfilling the Order of Lord Prasanna Venkatachalapathi, the Lord of Gunaseelam, to have a grand Temple made for him in Kaliyuga through efforts and contributions made by devotees, like you and me. We also appeal to you to spread this meassage to a larger audience, so as to have them participated in this noble cause and get the grace of the Lord. Ever in divine service,Gunaseelam Sri Prasanna Venkatachalapathy Temple Renovation Committee


Please draw your Cheque / Draft in the name of the Secretary / Treasurer, Gunaseelam, Sri Prasanna Venkatachalapathi Thirukkoil Thiruppani Kuzhu, Gunaseelam.

Those who want to claim exemption under the 80 G of Income Tax Act are requested to draw the Cheque / Draft in the name of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetadhipathi Sankaracharyar, Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal Golden Jubilee Charitable Trust, Kanchipuram. Mail transfers are also welcome, for which details may be obtained from the temple renovation committee.

Drafts / Cheques / Money Orders/enquiries/e-mails may please be sent to: The Secretary, Sri Prasanna Venkatachalapathy Temple, Gunaseelam 621 204, Musiri Taluk, Tiruchirappali district,Tamilnadu, South India.

PHONE: 04326 275210, 275310 (Off.) 275309 (Res.)


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