This is the classic motif of Lord Venkateswara which shows lord garuda and lord hanuman worshiping the naamam
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Tirumala,the abode of lord Venkateswara, is visited by millions of ardent devotees every year.With a view to render better service to these pilgrims who come from far-flung parts of the country,TTD has launched "Srivari Seva".

The seva provides a unique opportunity to the devotees to serve fellow pilgrims and participate in devout service aimed at inculcating a sense of camaraderie and a spirit of service.Manava Seva Madhava Seva, So said the scriptures,Divine grace can be attained not only by worshipping the lord in the sactum sanctorum but also by serving his devotees.Thus Srivari Seva ensures the added benefit of serving the lord Srinivasa through selfless service to his devotees.

Under this scheme , the devotees can offer their voluntary services at
    2)Queue lines
    3)Kalyana Katta
    4)Service to pilgrims -pedestrians
    5)Cloak rooms
    7)Free luggage centre

The volunteers may make spot registration at the cell at Annadanam complex.In case the volunteers form a group of atleast 10 persons ready to serve for atleast a week, TTD will provide free food and accomodation at Tirumala, provided they initmate ahead.Bhajan troupes can also take part in the service , which will be inspiring to the pilgrims.

Srivari seva will form an integral part of worship at Tirumala.It enlivens our spiritual life and prepares our body and soul to act to the will of the supreme lord.Through Srivari seva TTD endeavours to perpetuate a noble tradition devpotedly followed by our illustrious acharyas like Ramanujacharya,Tirumala Nambi and Ananthalawar.

Devotees desirous of participating Srivari Seva may please enroll themselves at
Srivari Seva Cell
Annadanam Complex
Tirumala,Ph no.08574-79693

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